Bleu By B.Marc

Bleu:  Where hair care is the only priority,

Born in France, this Coiffeur has crossed oceans, with endless adventures in between. The final destination- Albert Park, Melbourne. I welcome you to experience the refined french styling service at our first hair salon, BLEU.

Bleu tells the story of my international training, experience and service. My expertise is diverse- from minimal to technical, from subtle enhancements to styles embracing forward trends.

Bleu is flow, Bleu is sea, Bleu is sans pretention. Et je vous en remercie.

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Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are listed on the website.


Ladies: $80
Gent: $50
Gent Clipper: $30
Children age(1-10): $40
Children age(11-18): $10 Less than adult

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Short: $45
Medium: $55
Long: $60
Heat Applied (GHD, etc…): add $15

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On Scalp Lightening from: $140
Regrowth from: $80
Regrowth and refreshing from: $100
Semi Gloss from: $70
Colour correction: on consultation
Treatment masques from: $20

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Part Line From: $70
Half Head From: $100
Full Head From: $140
Toner: $30

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Our works

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